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Victorian-Style Vintage Floral Cuff Bangle Bracelet in Sterling Silver


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One of our most beautiful sterling silver vintage-style handmade cuff bangle bracelets from our entire collection. This particular piece is crafted from an original 1800s jewelry making hub and tools that we discovered. Although the pieces are not specifically dated, based on the design and antique-wear of each piece, our designers have determined this to be from around the Victorian-era. We start with these original pieces to recreate brand new jewelry cuff bracelets, making these not just a simple re-design, but utilizing the actual pieces that jewelers used during the era in which these pieces were originally crafted. The result is a unique, original work of vintage jewelry art in .925 sterling silver. This particular piece is embroidered with fanciful flower designs, swirls, and leaves to combine into a marvelously unique sterling silver cuff bangle bracelet. Bracelet measures 15mm wide. “One Size Fits Most” (the cuff bangle can be gently stretched to mold around your wrist as needed with gentle pressure on the metal). Also available in 14k white gold by custom order request.


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