About Us

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We are a team of jewelry lovers focused on delivering useful content and finding the best products on the market

Jewelry market has millions of various items in multiple categories. To find something unique and worth buying, one can easily spend hours. We browse our partners’ websites and catalogs on a daily basis to find really good jewelry and list it in our top lists. These items come and go as we find new releases and/or some items are sold out.

Great variety

We tried to find best jewelry for women in all possible categories, from earrings and necklaces to watches and broches.

Our commission

When you click any link on our website and buy jewelry on our partners’ websites, we can get a fee from them. That doesn’t affect the price for you. These commissions we use to pay salaries and sustain the website

We value You

You can contact us with your content ideas, suggestions, and recommendation. We make this website for people and you can become a part of it. Just contact us!

What do we do?

We learn about jewelry history, brands, fashion trends, materials, and we create guides for you to find everything you needed to know about jewelry in one place

Our Mission

We plan to become a Wikipedia of jewelry, with informative interesting articles, news, guides, product and brand catalogs, videos, etc.

History Of Us

The idea of this website was born in early 2022 and we launched in June 2022