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This stunning bracelet is the perfect gift for the woman who has everything because it can be personalized just for her. The Sterling Silver Monogram Bracelet allows for up to three initials to be set into the center design, featuring beautiful, ornamental lettering, shimmering with the lovely qualities of sterling silver. This unique bracelet is constructed in two parts. The first part, the sterling silver band, is made from a solid piece of silver that is perfectly shaped to wrap around the wrist and meet at the front to clasp on to the decorative lettering. This second part of the design, the monogram, creates a dramatic display of script that includes up to three letters. At first glance, the design may appear as a lovely display of artwork, but it is soon recognized to be initials. Overall, the sterling silver bracelet is 7.5 inches around, and the lettering design is approximately 47mm wide by 29mm tall. This personalized gift is the perfect way to show you care because it is so stylized to the individual. The silver bracelet is unlike any other bracelet and is truly a unique piece. It also creates an heirloom that can be passed down as a family keepsake. Monogram measures 46mm (1 13/16″) x 29mm (1 1/8″). Bracelet comes in a 7 +” size. Rules for Monograms Monogram for Couple First initial is woman’s first name initial Middle LARGE INITIAL is initial of last name Last small initial is man’s first name initial Monogram for One Person First small initial is person’s first name initial Middle LARGE INITIAL is initial of last name Last small initial is person’s middle name initial


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