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Monogram Medallion Earrings, Sterling Silver


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These lovely earrings take on the characteristics of two silver buttons dangling from the ear, elegantly shaped and monogrammed. The round Monogram Medallion Earrings in Sterling Silver have a classic quality to them that leave quite an impression, while their modest size make the earrings quite comfortable to wear. These medallion earrings feature a three-letter monogram that makes quite an impact all on its own. The decorative letters take on a beautiful, ornate quality that heightens the intrigue of the piece. The two initials at either side of the medallion blend seamlessly into the outer silver border, while the initial at the center is larger and more prominent. These sterling silver medallions have a slender width and measure 15mm by 15mm. They also have a high polish finish and push-back posts. These easy to wear silver earrings are comfortable and stylish. They feature up to three letters of your choice, meticulously designed and cut into the center of the medallion. A fashionable choice, these personalized earrings are an accessory that you will cherish over the years, as they also serve as a great conversation starter as people try to decipher their hidden message. Monograms measure 15mm (9/16″) x 15mm (9/16″) not including posts. Including posts total length is 22mm (7/8″). Rules for Monograms Monogram for Couple First initial is woman’s first name initial Middle LARGE INITIAL is initial of last name Last small initial is man’s first name initial Monogram for One Person First small initial is person’s first name initial Middle LARGE INITIAL is initial of last name Last small initial is person’s middle name initial


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