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The liquid style of this piece provides a very interesting texture and look to an otherwise unadorned piece. This dog tag is made out of stainless steel and treated so that it has the texture of some gentle waves on the shore. It’s pleasing to the touch and with the care put into the design and the high polished finish, it’s great to look at, making a bit more of a fashion statement than regular dog tags with smooth metal. The tag itself hangs from a 24 inch, stainless steel ball chain, providing a simple accent to the beautiful piece without overwhelming it. A great gift for a wedding, birthday, or the holidays. The texture of this dog tag pendant looks as though the stainless steel has been melted onto the dog tag.Pendant measures 42mm (1 5/8″) x 23mm (7/8″).Pendant comes with a 24 inch stainless steel ball chain.


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