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Antiqued Spiral Earrings in Sterling Silver


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These lovely, round earrings make for a fun fashion accessory, and you will enjoy wearing them every time you need to add a little something special to your ensemble. The Antiqued Spiral Earrings in Sterling Silver offer a hypnotic design that draws in the eye as the round patterns dangles from the earlobe, creating a truly fashion-forward look that transcends seasonal trends. These sterling silver earrings measure 20mm by 20mm (not including French hook) and highlight an engaging spiral pattern across the round surface. The design features a continuous black line carved into the silver, spinning around and around until it ends at the center of the earring. The antiqued surface helps to bring out the opposing qualities of the sterling silver and the black lines, which draws in the eye. The earrings include beautifully polished French hooks that attached at the top of the earrings, letting the round, spiral design dangle from the ear. The simple shape of these sterling silver earrings is quite unassuming, yet the black line design takes them to a whole new level of fashion. As they hang from the ear, the earrings will flash their spiral design and create visual illusions for all to see. Earrings measure 19mm (3/4″) not including ear wire. Total length is 34mm (1 5/16″).


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