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The shimmering row of stones in this ring is like a channel of stars in the night sky, absorbing the light to breathtaking effect. This Antique-Style Three Stone Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring in14K White Gold is a beautiful option for the beautiful bride-to-be. The sparkling white stones and the decorative white gold are like a match made in heaven. At the center of this ring sits a large cubic zirconia (5mm) with two others at the sides (4mm each). Often coveted for its diamond-like properties, these stones simply draw in the light and create and impressive display of white shining light. Accented into the 14k white gold band are 6 cubic zirconias that further alight the ring. Lastly, the gold band (2.5mm-3.5mm) is impressive all on its own with sides that feature a beautifully carved leaf motif in perfect symmetry. Like diamonds in the sky, this cubic zirconia ring has its own special clarity, cut, and color that make it a popular engagement ring choice. Its impressive light properties make is a desirable piece. Ring Specifications Metal Type – 14K White Gold Gram Weight – Approx. 4 grams Head Size – 7mm x 7mm Head Height – 7mm Band Width – 2mm Center Stone Information Stone Type – CZ Number of Diamonds – 1 Stone Size – 5mm Stone Cut – Round Cut Side Stone Information Stone Type – CZ Number of Diamonds – 2 Stone Size – 4mm Stone Cut – Round Cut Accent Stone Information Stone Type: CZ Number of Diamonds – 6


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