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3.40 Carat Emerald-Cut Pink Topaz Stud Earrings in 14K White Gold


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These adorable earrings are fun and exciting, perfectly suited to add pizzazz to any outfit. The 3.40 Carat Emerald-Cut Pink Topaz Stud Earrings are a sweet statement of affection, sure to bring out the natural glow of the cheeks, as well as complement a range of lipstick shades. Thanks to their precise emerald cut (8mm by 6mm), any light that lands on the pink topaz appears to radiate from the center, casting out blushing tones of summer rose and raspberry. The pink gemstone offers a warm touch to the cool polish of the 14k white gold setting, which peeks around the corners as it holds the stones securely in place. The white gold setting extends down the back of the stone and ends in a solid gold post with a push back. These vibrant earrings are lively accessories that promise to lift any mood or any rainy day. The playful pink studs can be worn day-to-day, adding a touch of chic to the office and then transiting nicely to a night out on the town. Gemstone Characteristics Gemstone Type Pink Topaz Gemstone Size 8mm x 6mm Gemstone Carat 3.40 Carats Total Gemstone Shape Emerald-Cut Gemstone Rating AAA


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