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3.40 Carat Emerald-Cut Aquamarine Stud Earrings, 14K White Gold


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Easily capturing light in a diamond-like fashion, these charismatic earrings speak volumes on their own merit, and the best part is that they go with everything. The 3.40 Carat Emerald-Cut Aquamarine Stud Earrings are the right choice for an elegant evening out, as they simply dazzle in the light and draw the eye to the twinkling stones like stars in the night sky. The rectangular-cut aquamarine stones each measure 8mm by 6mm and match seamlessly with the 14k white gold setting. The polished white gold and the translucent gemstones are perfectly paired to effortlessly attract attention. It only takes a glimmer of light to illuminate the stones and to see them radiate delicate hues, like a steel blue sky shape-shifting in the clouds. Four gold arms and a gold post create the setting that surrounds each aquamarine stone, finished off with a push back. These earrings are perfect for any occasion and can be easily matched with other jewelry pieces. Similar to properties of a mirror, the aquamarine reflects an image of light and clarity. Gemstone Characteristics Gemstone Type Aquamarine Gemstone Size 8mm x 6mm Gemstone Carat 3.40 Carats Total Gemstone Shape Emerald-Cut Gemstone Rating AAA


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