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Handmade 18k solid gold 4mm wide slip-on bangle bracelet, individually made to order just for you! The 18k gold bangle weighs approx. 13.16 grams of 18k solid gold in standard 7″ size (2.50″ inside diameter) or approx. 14.1 grams in 7.5″ size (2.75″ inside diameter). This is a slip-on bangle with no hinge or clasp and continuous 4mm width continuously around the bangle. Also available in 14k gold (shown below) as well as varying widths if you want to mix and match. Also available in white gold or platinum. This jewelry is made in the U.S.A.! WHY CHOOSE OUR BANGLES If you are doing a price or product comparison, be sure you are comparing the weight of our bangles vs. our competitors. Our 18k solid gold bangle bracelets are not mass produced like most that are on the market today. What makes our bracelets unique is that they are individually made to order just for you when you place your order. We also create a more substantial, quality bangle that is slightly thicker and heavier with more gold content than most of our competitors, for an heirloom quality piece that can be passed on through the generations.


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