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This diamond-like solitaire ring offers exceptional brilliance and shine, thanks to the generous size and shape of the stone and its prominent setting. The Emerald-Cut Cubic Zirconia Solitaire Ring in 14K White Gold sits beautifully on the hand, letting the rectangular shape of the stone elongating the finger. The ring offers a simple design with a gold band and solitaire stone to produce a dramatic result of shimmering beauty. It features a large 6mm by 8mm cubic zirconia shaped into an emerald cut. This rectangular stone benefits from a long surface area on all four sides which traps the brightness of the day only to be released in a dazzling display of radiant light like a cluster of stars in the sky. The cubic zirconia sits in an elevated solid gold setting above a sleek 14k white gold band (4mm), which is polished to a satin finish that perfectly complements the lively stone. This simple solitaire offers a complex array of light that easily plays with the shimmering qualities of the cubic zirconia, producing an almost heavenly effect. Gemstone Characteristics Gemstone Type CZ Gemstone Size 6mm x 8mm Gemstone Shape Emerald Cut Gemstone Rating AAA


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